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Meet Our Team

Paige Lehrer


About Paige

Currently located in Alexandria, Virginia, Paige works with the Workforce Strategy and Standardization team at the Veterans Health Administration to support the VHA’s Manpower Management efforts and ensure the most efficient and economical use of resources.

Prior to starting at Ward Circle Strategies, Paige worked as an analyst where she helped clients to understand their business needs and improve data collection processes as well as communication efforts. Additionally, Paige has experience in government relations where she assisted clients in navigating legislation by conducting policy research and monitoring congressional activities.

Paige holds a Master of Science in Health Policy from the University of Edinburgh and a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Old Dominion University.

Career Highlights

  • Ward Circle Strategies, Senior Associate
  • JDSAT, Business Analyst
  • Ultra Electronics, Government Relations Associate and PAC Associate Director

3 Fun Facts

  • Paige loves to be outdoors and/or traveling with her husband, Misha—they’re always looking for adventure and the next country to visit!
  • Paige can find the perfect container for any amount of leftovers just by eye-balling it… nothing has stumped her yet!
  • Paige shares a birthday with the queen herself, Dolly Parton.