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Meet Our Team

Nicolas Polo Sanchez

Senior Associate

About Nick

Nick is a graduate of George Mason University where he earned a BS in Economics. This degree was a result of immigrating to the US early in his childhood and wanting to support developing countries build an economy with opportunities and prosperity.

Post undergrad, Nick decided to take a job opportunity in the Government IT sales industry. This path really developed his analytical skills as well as his interpersonal skills by supporting large projects with government officials of all different levels. During the 3 years of selling Cybersecurity, he also gained a thorough understanding of the government procurement process and proposals. Although he enjoyed the opportunity to support projects that were helping secure national security information, he felt it was time to seek new opportunities more in line with what his goals were when pursuing his undergrad degree.

At Ward Circle Strategies, Nick is joining the RMS team supporting the VA. Thrilled with joining the team, he is also excited to join an organization that supports many great mission driven projects.

Career Highlights

  • Ward Circle Strategies, Senior Associate
  • Glen Echo Photoworks, Volunteer
  • Squadra Solutions, LLC, Strategic Account Representative
  • immixGroup, Inside Sales Representative
  • Hispanic Leadership Alliance, Volunteer and Speaker

3 Fun Facts

  • Nick is a self-taught film photographer. He is currently working on a few personal projects and has had the opportunity to shoot for local soccer clubs Washington Spirit and DC United. He hopes to hold an exhibition in 2023 and produce a book in the next few years.
  • Very passionate about sports, Nick is a huge soccer (football) fan.
  • Although he really dislikes heights, Nick is a fan of skydiving and highly recommends others to try it.