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Meet Our Team

Graham Walker

Senior Associate

About Graham

Graham is a programmer with experience in both frontend and backend design. He meets with clients to discuss their technical needs, then creates the product they envision – whether updating a website with a modern, fresh look, creating functional and interactive, gamified components, or transforming data on the backend.

Prior to joining Ward Circle Strategies, Graham worked to create websites for clients ranging from national nonprofits, like First Book, to community-oriented nonprofits and political campaigns.

Career Highlights

  • Ward Circle Strategies, Associate
  • First Book, IT Intern
  • Nova Web Development, Web Developer

3 Fun Facts

  • Over the years, Graham has programmed over 100 different self-published indie video games.
  • Graham has watched the entirety of Hunter X Hunter three times.
  • Graham is an avid reader and can finish a 300-page novel in only a few days.