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Meet Our Team

Ethan Joselow

Senior Manager

About Ethan

Ethan Joselow has over a decade and a half of experience in the government, non-profit, and commercial sectors serving as a subject matter expert for public health programs and policies. Ethan has worked with a range of federal officials and corporate leaders, and is experienced in developing and evaluating public health policies, procedures and guidelines. He is particularly interested in helping his clients better understand the complexities of health and health care.

Ethan is a graduate of Emory University’s Rollins School of Public Health.

Career Highlights

  • Technical Assistance provider for rural health programs across the United States and Territories
  • Policy analyst for the Health Resources and Services Administration
  • Author of dozens of publications under the Deloitte Center for Regulatory Strategies in both the health care and life sciences practices
  • Writer and content creator for the Director of the Defense Health Agency
  • Independent consultant conducting economic impact analyses for Community Health Centers

3 Fun Facts

  • Coming from a family of writers, Ethan has written dozens of short stories and two novels, most recently chronicling the lives of three people finding their way amid the banana wars of Central America around the turn of the Twentieth Century.
  • An avid roadtripper, Ethan has been to 48 states, and has driven as far afield as Canada’s Northwest Territories.
  • For his Master’s thesis, Ethan lived in India’s Karnataka state, where he conducted primary research under the state’s authority on corruption in the public health sector. For a time, he lived next to a leper colony.