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Meet Our Team

Devin Whitaker

Senior Associate

About Devin

Devin has over 10 years experience in the government and non-profit sectors.

Before joining WCS, Devin worked as a Veteran Service Officer (CVSO) in Lincoln County, Oregon, managing his department and advocating for comprehensive benefit access for the local veteran population.

In addition to serving his own community and navigating county and state government, Devin played a role as an advocate at a national level through the professional association – National Association of County Veteran Service Officers (NACVSO). Through NACVSO, he spent time on Capitol Hill educating legislators on the role of local veterans advocates and the need for federal resources for CVSOs to better meet the needs of veterans in their areas. He also served as Judge Advocate for the organization.

Devin served nearly seven years as a Hospital Corpsman, both with the Fleet Marine Force and traditional clinical settings.

Career Highlights

  • CVSO for Lincoln County, Oregon.
  • Worked at Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton, 2nd BN 5th MAR Battalion Aid Station, 5th Regimental Aid Station, and Naval Hospital Rota, Spain’s Emergency Department and Family Practice Clinic
  • Judge Advocate for NACVSO from 2019-2021

3 Fun Facts

  • Devin finds surfing to be more than a hobby.
  • Enjoys camping trips with his two children.
  • Has a tiny dog named Gary.