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Meet Our Team

Ana Cobian


About Ana

Ana Cobian has 25 years of experience developing communications strategies and handling media outreach for a range of organizations including national non-profits, the US Justice Department and regional service and advocacy groups.

Ana has a knack for finding the angle and connecting clients to media outlets who are interested in telling their stories. From a recent Washington Post profile on a young teen with disabilities, to local radio, TV and print stories on teens and mothers pushing back against recent book bans in Ohio, North Carolina, Florida, Pennsylvania and Michigan to features in state’s papers of record and on public radio about student veterans who were scammed by for-profit colleges.

Ana began her career in media decades ago as the first national, bi-lingual on-air talent on a PBS program about Latinos in the US.

Career Highlights

  • Ward Circle Strategies, Manager
  • Ward Circle Strategies, Senior Advisor
  • Ethos Environmental, Co-Founder
  • Health by Numbers LLC, Co-Founder
  • Department of Justice, Head Public Information Officer
  • Deloitte & Touche, Analyst
  • Security Pacific National Bank, Analyst