EDF retained WCS to fight back against a tidal wave of political and special interest pressure to gut and immobilize EPA, led by President Trump and polluters seeking to roll back the clock on environmental protections in America. 


EDF wanted to convince lawmakers to reject draconian cuts to the EPA’s budget, educate voters in target states in the runup to the successful 2018 election cycle, force out EPA administrator Scott Pruitt, and put a spotlight on the agency’s leadership. 


Content creation

» Developed a new set of thought leadership and newsmaking content via products like:

  • “State of Risk” reports for 10 targeted states released at individual news conferences
  • Our team researched, wrote and designed each report in conjunction with state experts

» Wrote press releases, fact sheets, pitch guidance documents, ed board and reporter memos, memos to weekend show producers, social media and blog entries, and letters to the editor. 

» Prepared creative products and projects to win attention, like “Nontrivial Pruitt” cards and social media posts like a fake Craigslist ad to spotlight ethical problems. 

» Created and helped launch weekly In Case You Missed It emails to journalists which helped spawn interest in new story coverage

Coverage and placement 

» Generated media coverage and placed op-eds in numerous national and state publications. 

» Worked with the Center for Climate Security to prepare and place op-eds targeting readers in EDF target markets in Florida and key Inside the Beltway audiences. 

» Monitored Hill testimony and put our rapid response reaction 

Support for State and Grassroots Partners 

» Worked closely with EDF partners and allies in more than a dozen states to help them with communications strategy and organizing, product development and media outreach. 


» Congress rejected the Trump Administration’s cuts to the EPA budget. 

» EPA administrator Scott Pruitt resigned in disgrace. 

» Coverage of problems of EPA’s leadership increased. 

» Voters in EDF’s 2018 target states helped deliver a more pro-environment Congress.