We developed and executed a media strategy that delivered the U.S. Global Leadership Coalition’s (USGLC) message to targeted policymakers through placing hometown stories about their own constituents. The stories we generated not only addressed the power of U.S foreign assistance dollars on jobs and innovation in their own districts but also helped contribute to the national conversation on foreign aid.

Using USGLC’s Smart Power Innovation campaign as the hook, we pitched stories outlining how several award-winning U.S. businesses, nonprofits, start-ups and entrepreneurs are creating a local impact on jobs as well as an international impact on global health, renewable energy and sustainability with innovative products and initiatives developed with the help of U.S. foreign assistance seed funds.

We interviewed each award-winner to fully develop various pitch angles and ideas for targeting our media placements. We created multiple press releases and pitches for each and ended up with on message, timely stories in a variety of outlets and markets — local daily newspapers like The Boston Globe, News & Observer and The State, to public radio stations and TV news affiliates like NPR , and CBS WRAL-TV and ABC-11 to a profile in The Hill.

USGLC’s annual conference created the perfect spotlight for community leaders across the U.S. campaigning on behalf of Smart Power Innovations for additional efforts in global development and diplomacy, placed in local news outlets, business journals and industry publications like Tampa Bay Business Journal, The Tennessean and FoodserviceNews.