We helped the Naval Medical Center San Diego develop a comprehensive strategy for its Integrated Health Community Initiative (IHCI), a hallmark of innovation within military medicine since its inception in 2012. The IHCI integrates social services into the clinical care setting and includes coordination and collaboration with health and wellness service providers across the community to improve providers’ ability to address the holistic needs of their patients.

Working as a subcontractor to Deloitte LLP, we focused on identifying and applying proven and emerging approaches for broad population health management interventions into the IHCI model, as well as those for military service members who are at greatest risk for acute complications arising from chronic disease.

We supported the development of a standardized approach to evidence-based management, patient activation, efficient navigation of the healthcare system, and effective care coordination among all providers. As a result of these efforts, the IHCI is expected to improve patient satisfaction and health outcomes and decrease healthcare utilization and costs for all TRICARE beneficiaries in the greater San Diego area.