Kevin leverages more than 17 years of experience directly engaging with external stakeholders in retail, business, politics, and community organizing to support Ward Circle Strategies clients with innovative solutions.

Kevin was brought into Ward Circle as the Director of Training for the Listos California Social Bridging Project, a public outreach program to share urgent and key public health and public safety information by phone and text.

Kevin built an engaging and comprehensive on-demand and live (remote) training program to onboard hundreds of team members who would be conducting 1:1 calls to diverse Californians. He was quickly elevated to Director of Operations where he met the challenges of building a volunteer engagement and data management system, developed the day-to-day program, and built reporting systems for the program’s partners to share progress updates with the state leaders and agency project partners.

Prior to becoming a member of the Ward Circle Strategies team, Kevin worked on the Elizabeth Warren Presidential campaign where he built a grassroots program in the Bay Area. He started as a Volunteer Coordinator supporting the campaign’s data management platform, engaging in strategic planning and interacting with volunteers and voters. He was then offered a staff position, and he orchestrated a multichannel organizing effort for California’s 13th and 15th (East Bay) congressional districts to implement the national strategy.

Kevin began his career and spent a dozen years in the business sector. As a Regional Business Development Manager for AT&T, he supported internal and external stakeholders across a territory that covered the Pacific Northwest and Northern California. He was a founding member of a new external-partner business division in which he built a training and sales operational infrastructure and established best practices to facilitate exceeding goals and milestones.

Kevin prides himself on being a resourceful and trusted advisor for his team and clients to deliver both conventional and out-of-the-box solutions for measurable success.

Career Highlights:

  • Ward Circle Strategies, Manager
  • Listos California, Social Bridging Project, Operations and Training Director
  • Warren for President, District Organizer CA-13th and CA-15th
  • AT&T, Regional Business Accounts Manager
  • Measure W, Yes for our Students (Davis, CA), Campaign Coordinator Intern

3 Fun Facts:

  • Kevin gets enraptured by space rocket launches and can be heard cheering loudly for successful landings, dockings, and planetary flybys. Also likely to tear up at airshows.
  • He is also an avid gamer who knows Link is the true Hero and that Sisko is the best Trek captain. #LLAP
  • He has built 5 generations of computers since he was 8 and enthusiastically extends a helping technical hand to everyone.
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