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Meet Our Team

Karen Baker

Senior Advisor

About Karen

Karen Baker is a nationally recognized leader, strategist, and community problem solver who has served in cabinet positions and agency lead posts under three California governors—Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jerry Brown, and Gavin Newsom. Her innovative efforts, and those of the teams she develops, focus on the pressing issues of our time and the underserved populations who are impacted, including veterans, youth in foster care, refugees, seniors, and people experiencing homelessness. By leveraging corporate, nonprofit, and foundation partnerships she has created model programs in workforce development, justice and equity, education attainment, and disaster preparedness.

Her most recent role as the Architect and Co-Chair of Listos California—a groundbreaking $50 million campaign focusing on building disaster preparedness and public health equity—engaged more than 4 million diverse and vulnerable Californians.

Prior to her work in state government, Baker held numerous leadership positions in the nonprofit sector and served in the Clinton administration at the Corporation for National and Community Service, playing a key role in the creation of the AmeriCorps program.

She is a graduate of UCLA and resides in Sacramento with her two children and husband.