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Meet Our Team

Julie McEvoy

Senior Associate

About Julie

Julie McEvoy provides extensive real-world experience from both military service and private sector engineering positions. As a U.S. Army Officer, Julie held leadership positions with large spans of control, as well as head of dynamic small teams under combat stress. Her ability influence change in systems and people is her cornerstone attribute.

Prior to joining Ward Circle Strategies, Julie privately founded and operated her own small business, which had a distinct primary mission: to influence positive change in her client’s lives. While deciding to take a brief but intentional pivot away from government work, she used this time to grow her small family, while supporting them through 18 military deployments.

While serving as the home front Brigade Engineer, Julie implemented a complex facilities migration timetable, accommodating for a unit growth of 1,400 people. She gained experience in negotiation with installation civil engineers, top military leaders and civilian agencies to design, plan, and develop requirements in various buildings to accommodate equipment and manpower. Julie maintained operational synchronization across an entire division’s facility migration to benefit her brigade’s success.

During a combat deployment to Afghanistan, Julie’s Brigade Engineer position gained her significant diplomacy and communications experience as the sole provider of real property transfer certificates to the Afghan local leadership. Her work required an assessment of available property, translation of documentation into local languages, and hosting of official transfer engagements.

Additional Army initiatives include preparing a horizontal construction engineering platoon for a combat mission of route clearance & reconnaissance, as well as Brigade level leadership of Female Engagement Teams (FETs), which are teams of two female soldiers that tactically question and search Afghan women.

Julie put her Industrial Engineering (IE) to practice early on when employed with Toyota’s Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America. While there, she was the lead trainer of Toyota’s logistical freight tracking system “EPipe” with the task of improving its graphical user interface and reducing touchpoints within its workflow, with the ultimate goal of creating efficiency in the system for improved freight management.

Julie holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial & Systems Engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in Rochester, NY.

Career Highlights

  • Ward Circle Strategies, Senior Associate
  • JKM Fitness Designs, Owner/ Operator
  • 5-year U.S. Army veteran, 3 years in combat unit leadership, 2 years in Brigade Engineering
  • Toyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing North America (TMEMNA), Co-operative