Gordon Trowbridge brings to Ward Circle Strategies nearly three decades of experience as a journalist, communicator and adviser to senior government officials in the executive branch and on Capitol Hill. He advises clients on media relations, speechwriting and written communications, strategic messaging and crisis communications.

Before joining Ward Circle in 2017, Gordon held senior communications roles in the Obama administration. As deputy press secretary at the Pentagon, he served as a Defense Department spokesman, helped oversee DoD media relations and provided communications counsel to the Secretary of Defense, Deputy Secretary of Defense, Assistant to the Secretary for Public Affairs and other senior Pentagon officials. Prior to his time at DoD, he served as communications director for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. There, he was the agency’s chief spokesman and advised NHTSA’s administrator and senior Department of Transportation officials on communicating the agency’s safety mission, including public and media relations efforts surrounding the largest and most complex consumer safety recall in the nation’s history.

Gordon served more than five years as speechwriter and special assistant to Sen. Carl Levin, chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee, overseeing the senator’s written communications and serving as a senior adviser on all external communications issues.

Prior to his time on Capitol Hill, Gordon spent more than two decades as a newspaper reporter, covering everything from the NBA Finals to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to the 2008 presidential election. He spent a total of more than nine months as an embedded reporter covering U.S. forces in Iraq, and worked as an investigative reporter for The Detroit News and for the nation’s largest independent media organization covering the military.

Gordon is a native of Columbus, Ind., home of the nation’s largest diesel engine manufacturer and its greatest collection of modern architecture. He lives in Washington, D.C. When he isn’t serving our clients, you can find him on his bike, with his nose in a book, or spending as much time as he can manage with his nieces and nephews.

Career Highlights:

  • Director, Ward Circle Strategies
  • Deputy Press Secretary, Department of Defense
  • Communications Director, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  • Speechwriter and Special Assistant, Sen. Carl Levin
  • Washington correspondent, The Detroit News
  • Senior staff writer, Army Times Publishing Co.

3 Fun Facts:

  • Gordon’s amateur bicycle racing career lasted nine races, two crashes, three broken ribs and one collapsed lung.
  • Ask him about the time he got off the helicopter in the middle of the night at the wrong forward operating base in Iraq.
  • As a child, he got a personal call from President Carter after he wrote the president asking for permission to see his great-grandmother in the hospital (despite being too young under the hospital’s rules). Permission was granted, but Gordon was too afraid to speak to the president for fear he was in trouble.
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