Ward Circle Strategies helped Common Ground Solutions grow from a civic startup to become a respected player in the democracy community, working to increase civic engagement, improve the quality of political discourse, highlight real-world stories of people working together across partisan lines, and forge common-sense solutions to America’s biggest challenges.


CGS retained Ward Circle Strategies to create a communications campaign, experiment with civic engagement models, and begin scaling up its outreach to state and national media and lawmakers.


» Landscape Analysis: Reviewed public opinion research, democracy sector activities, and media coverage to determine what gaps CG could fill in alignment with its mission.

» Network-Building:  Provided introductions, research and staff support to leading organizations in the democracy sector.

» Brokering Partnerships:  Forged a CGS alliance with Voice of the People to to amplify research showing how Americans agree on many contentious issues. Created events with local hometown news organizations.

» Innovative Event Models:  “Citizen Panels”  brought together Members of Congress and local media with citizens and generated media coverage for the existence of common crown across party lines.

» Built Media Profile:  Developed materials, conducted press outreach, and helped place stories and op-eds in multiple target markets.

» Built Congressional Profile:  Built CGS Congressional profile through introductions, staffing and organizing events showcasing CGS with members of Congress.


 » Citizen panels attracted members of Congress, constituents and local media coverage in several states.

 » CGS successfully built its profile within the democracy community as a promising newcomer with a model-breaking theory of change.