Jonathan provides product development and consulting support to clients in the government health sector. He has previous experience in financial and operational analysis, consulting, and B2B sales for healthcare providers, insurers, and pharmaceutical companies.  He has a successful track record of identifying major cost savings and improving operational efficiency.  He attended Washington and Jefferson college in Washington, PA and received his Master of Health Administration degree from Columbia in 2016.  He also worked for J/P HRO, Sean Penn’s NGO in Haiti, before attending Columbia.

Career Highlights:

  • Ward Circle Strategies, Senior Associate
  • J/P HRO, Finance and Supply Management Analyst
  • Allstate, B2B Health Insurance and Benefits Lead Generator
  • Johnson & Johnson, Graduate Student Consultant

3 Fun Facts:

  • Jonathan’s undergraduate program had a unique study abroad program involving regular travel. Because of this, he has traveled to 12 different countries. He also lived abroad in Haiti while working for J/P HRO.
  • Jonathan is an avid skier
  • Jonathan is an identical twin
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